How to Identify a Vintage Omega – Part 1

Omega is a great brand. It doesn’t matter if you prefer new or vintage. It just is. However, if you’re buying a new one from an AD or boutique, the risk of buying a lemon is very low. Yes, you [...]


Tachymeter: What Is It and How Do You Use It

No doubt you’ve seen a tachymeter scale on a watch. Probably on a chronograph. You can also find it on some time-only watches, but without the chronograph complication, it’s completely [...]


FAQ: Can I Safely Wear a Watch Found in a Drawer?

You’re cleaning up and going through drawers, and suddenly you find a watch. It might have been from a loved one who’s passed away. Sometimes, nobody has a clue whose watch it was and [...]


FAQ: Why Are There Scratches on My Sapphire Crystal?

So, you’ve bought a watch with a sapphire crystal. You’ve knocked it accidentally against a wall, a door frame, whatever. And, it’s scratched. But how could this have happened?! It’s sapphire; [...]


What Watch to Wear to a Job Interview

On the internet, you can read a lot of threads like “There’s this and that occasion, which watch should I wear?” Some might think that’s a horrible case of not being able to make a simple [...]

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