How to Fit a New Acrylic Watch Crystal

One of the advantages of acrylic crystals is that you can easily polish away scratches to make the crystal look like new again.

This is especially useful if your watch has the original signed crystal or a crystal that’s not easily available anymore.

It’s better to use the original parts if possible. However, sometimes the damage is just too severe. If the crystal is cracked or chipped, there’s no other solution than to fit a new crystal.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to easily replace an acrylic crystal yourself.

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Service: Caravelle With a Bulova 11DP Movement

This is a regular service of a Caravelle dress watch.

Caravelle had links with Bulova (Bulova’s less expensive line). The movement is the Bulova 11DP which is a rebranded Citizen 0241 movement.

This movement was available in two versions. One has 7 jewels and the other one has 17 jewels.

When you remove the case back, it’s a bit disappointing to see that it’s the version with 7 jewels but it works. Actually, it works great because, after the service, the amplitude is 270 (which is very good for a citizen), with a beat error of 0.3 m/s and a rate of +4 sec.

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Watch Happening – Best of the Blogs – October 2017

October has come and gone which means it’s time for a new Watch Happening.

This my personal selection of the best watch related articles from all over the web.

Click on the picture or on the hyperlink to read the articles.

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Service: Start With ZIM 2602 Movement

This is a first! A Russian watch on WahaWatches.

A lot of professional watchmakers don’t accept Russian watches. Either because the parts are hard to find or because the movements can be a bit flimsy.

However, it’s my experience that Russian movements perform quite well despite them being cruder than Swiss counterparts.  You can buy a lot of parts on eBay if you need any.

This watch is a Start with a ZIM 2602 movement, similar to the LIP R-26. The ZIM has 15 jewels and no shock protection system but it does have a Breguet hairspring, just like the French movement it was based upon.

The upper part of the case with the lugs, bezel, and crystal is one part. The case back with a recess for the movement is another part.

The movement with the dial is directly fitted inside the case back.

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Omega Speedmaster 2998: Made to Race, Worn in Space

In 1959, the short-lived (2 years in production) original Speedmaster reference, the CK 2915, got something of a makeover. The result was the reference CK 2998, currently the second most desirable vintage Speedmaster.

Powered by the calibre 321, it was – just as the 2915 – intended as a watch for drivers (racing drivers included), and marketed as such.

With its dashboard instruments inspired dial, clean and uncluttered, it was a very appealing design. Appealing enough to a US Navy pilot, captain Walter Schirra, who in 1959 became a part of NASA’s very first manned space flight program, the Project Mercury.

In 1962, Schirra’s own CK 2998 accompanied him on an almost 10 hours of the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, when aboard the Sigma 7 Schirra orbited the Earth 6 times.

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