How to Remove a Broken Screw With Alum

Have you ever had a watch movement with a base plate that had a broken screw? Or an original signed crown (that is impossible to find nowadays) with a piece of a broken winding stem inside?

Sure, you could use a screw extractor or use a drill to drill out the broken screw. However, not everybody has access to these tools. I don’t, for example, because I don’t often need them and they’re expensive.

But I have some good news. There’s a trick to remove a broken screw without using special equipment.

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Gents’ Watch Sizes (Why Size is Irrelevant)

Whenever I’m checking the forums, I constantly encounter posts implying that the size of a watch determines it as a ladies’ or gents’ watch. Or, for that matter, that a 36 or 38mm watch will be “too small.” When I see that, I can’t help but laugh, especially when it comes to vintage watches.

When I try to get to the bottom of people’s concerns, the main reason behind it all seems to be fashion.

First of all, with vintage watches fashion is at best a redundant concept.  Realistically, also a noxious one, which gives you hardly anything but discomfort. Yes, it takes the comfort of applying the bigger picture of vintage watches in general to what we wear, and gives absolutely nothing in return.

Well, maybe it does – it gives fashionistas, who so selflessly provide a sharp contrast to the WIS, and the WIS making the killjoys scuttle is beyond enjoyable a view.

“But 30mm is a ladies’ watch size”, some write in tons of angry posts, willingly or unwillingly being the killjoys to the happy new owners of vintage watches. Ummm, no. It isn’t, and it never really was. Why?

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Watch Happening – Best of the Blogs – November 2017

November has come and gone which means it’s time for a new Watch Happening.

This my personal selection of the best watch related articles from all over the web.

Click on the picture or on the hyperlink to read the articles.

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Is Radium Lume Really That Dangerous?

Many vintage watches have radium lume on the dial and in the watch hands. It’s a big part of the overall appearance and the charm of these vintage watches. Especially when the lume has changed into that attractive vintage yellow/brown color.

However, all over the internet are scary stories about radium, radioactivity, and the potential dangers.

Is radium lume really that dangerous or is it a tempest in a teapot?

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How to Fit a New Tension Ring Watch Crystal

The biggest advantage of acrylic crystals is that you can easily polish away scratches to make the crystal look like new again.

But if the crystal is cracked or chipped, there’s no other solution than to fit a new crystal.

Tension ring crystals are very common, especially in vintage watches. They’re also called armored watch crystals.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to easily fit a tension ring watch crystal with a crystal press.

Click here to learn how to fit a regular acrylic crystal with a crystal lift.

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