Hi, we’re WahaWatches.

We make it easy to learn about watches and hobby watchmaking!

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Welcome, Watch Geeks!

We founded WahaWatches with a straightforward mission: to make it easier for people to learn about affordable mechanical watches, watch collecting and watchmaking. (Sorry digital watch fans, but we like things old school!)

We cover watches under $5000, except for the occasional icon such as an Omega Speedmaster or a vintage Rolex.

Unlike most other online watch hubs, WahaWatches is 100% ad-free and we don’t allow sponsored articles. Corporate or commercial interests don’t drive the content we post, and no one outside of our team has editorial control over our content and what we write about. Here, you’ll only get honest advice from collectors who love watches as much as you do.

Watchmaking and collection are very diverse and complex subjects. It’s easy for a beginner to become overwhelmed with all that there is to learn quickly.

We make it easy for you to learn about the details to pay attention to when examining a vintage watch, how to spot fake watches and redials, and how to take your first steps into the great hobby that collecting and repairing watches is.

Through our newsletter, we’ve met a lot of fellow watch lovers and made new friends. We all share the same passion for watches and watchmaking so we’ve learned at least as much from them as they from us.



Want to learn how to service and repair your own watch collection? Start here! Our in-depth articles are perfect for the hobby watch repair enthusiast. You’ll learn about movements and tools and how to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and regulate your timepieces.



Start your watch collection now! With our focus on affordable and accessible watches, you’ll learn how to build a collection based on your tastes and budget. Whether you like vintage or modern watches, dress watches or tool watches, WahaWatches will guide you through the entire process.



Welcome to the How-Tos of the Tick-Tocks! Through our easy step by step articles and guides, you’ll learn about watch repair, best practises when buying a watch, how to maintain and take care of your collection, and a whole lot more. You’ll be a seasoned watch expert in no time!

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    We’re fortunate enough to spend time pursuing our passions for watches and watchmaking but not everyone is so lucky.

    8% of the world population (643 million people) lives in extreme poverty and they’re only trying to survive.

    We believe that every child should have a quality education and experience the gift of learning. Education provides a higher income, leads to improved health, and if all students in deprived regions leave school with basic readings skills, 12% (171 million people) could be lifted out of poverty.

    With the support from people like you, we help build schools, educational programs, and foster global communities around the common purpose of education for all. That’s why we’re honored to donate 5% of the yearly revenue to Pencils of Promise.

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