Glycine Airman Purist 36mm

Review: Glycine Airman No.1 Purist

I’m not sure when I first heard about the Glycine Airman. I’ve been thinking of one that would be as …

Citizen CB0190-84E featured image

Review: Citizen CB0190-84E

I’ve covered one Citizen Radio-Controlled watch before – the Promaster Sky CB5860-86E. It’s a bulky, heavy, function-packed watch. The specimen …


Review: Glycine Combat Sub 39

Many of you will be familiar with the Glycine Combat Sub range. But this year, they launched a 39mm version …

Collecting watches

Collecting Watches

Borgel and Taubert: What’s the Difference?

Francois Borgel, a case maker in business since 1880, was undeniably a pioneer in the field of waterproof cases. Most …

Featured image Watchcrunch
Collecting Watches

From Forums to WatchCrunch

Lately, I haven’t been very active on forums, focusing most of my watch community activities on Instagram – where you …

Doxa D Luftwaffe Front
Collecting Watches

Doxa Watches of the Luftwaffe

During the Second World War, scores of watch manufacturers produced watches for the German military. Some were recognizable brands, such …


A bunch of watch parts

Where to Find Obsolete Watch Parts: Keep Your Vintage Watch Running

A watch is more than just a timekeeping device; it reflects our personality and style. However, the parts that make …


Service: Nivada With an AS 1802 Movement

It was impossible to wind this Nivada because it was already wound to the maximum. However, it didn’t run so …

Onsa dress watch with an FHF 72 movement

Service: Onsa Dress Watch With an FHF 72 Movement

Sometimes you need a bit of luck. I found this beauty in the pile of broken donor watches. No idea …

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How to identify a vintage Omega watch
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How to Identify a Vintage Omega [2022]

Omega is a great brand. Both the new and the vintage models are fantastic. However, if you buy a new …

How to choose the best watch strap
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How to Choose the Best Watch Strap (2019)

We watch geeks don’t have it easy. It’s hard work to keep a collection interesting. The best way to keep …

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How to Spot a Redial Like a Pro

When you’re browsing auction sites, looking to buy a vintage watch, it’s only logical that you’ll be drawn to the …