Service: Pontiac Dress Watch with ETA 1260 Movement

Another Pontiac on the bench. A lovely 1950s gold-plated dress watch with a two-tone or bullseye dial. It has an ETA 1260 movement that I encountered in a Pontiac before. In a gold-plated Pontiac [...]


Service: Marchal La Haye with AS 984 Movement

This time a very obscure watch on the bench. I couldn’t find any info about Marchal La Haye. All I know is that it’s a 1940s dress watch with an AS 984 movement, a lovely dial with a [...]


Service: Omega Seamaster Cosmic with 601 Movement

This Omega Seamaster Cosmic was a tough call. The dial, hands, and the front of the case are in good condition but the back looks like it was used as a block plane. During the inspection, it was [...]


Service: Buren Grand Prix with Buren 1420 Movement

Another Buren Grand Prix on the workbench. I’ve had two close encounters with a Buren Grand Prix before. One of them even had the same movement, the Buren 1420. This one is from the 1960s [...]


Service: Cortebert with Unitas 6325 Movement

Cortebert is probably best known for their railroad watches. They supplied both the Turkish as the Italian railways, though they used the Perseo brand name for the Italian railroads. T.C.D. [...]