Do You Need to Replace the Mainspring with Every Service?

When you’re servicing a watch, you have two choices. Clean and reuse the old mainspring or fit a new one. Both options have their pros and cons. Pros You don’t need tools like mainspring [...]


How to Safely Remove the Cannon Pinion

What is the cannon pinion? The cannon pinion connects the wheel train to the motion works. It’s also the post on which the minute hand is set on. If the cannon pinion is too tight, setting [...]


Service: Hamilton with Hamilton 60 / ETA 2390 Movement

This Hamilton did run, but it didn’t keep time, the amplitude was very low, and it had a power reserve of only a few hours. If you wound it, you could feel and hear the mainspring slipping, [...]


Service: Cauny Dress Watch with AS 1950/1951 Movement

I got this watch in a batch from a collector to take a look at. Sadly, two of the four watches were too far gone but this is one of the two watches that could be saved. It’s a Cauny dress [...]


Service: LIP with DUROWE 7425 Movement

Another French watch on the workbench. This time it’s a LIP from the 1970s. The funny thing is that it doesn’t have an in-house movement. It’s not even French. It’s a [...]