About Us

Welcome, watch geeks!

We founded WahaWatches with a straightforward mission: to make it easier for people to learn about affordable mechanical watches, watch collecting and watchmaking. (Sorry digital watch fans, but we like things old school!)

We cover watches under $5000, except for the occasional icon such as an Omega Speedmaster or a vintage Rolex.

Corporate or commercial interests don’t drive the content we post, and no one outside of our team has editorial control over our content and what we write about. Here, you’ll only get honest advice from collectors who love watches as much as you do.

Watchmaking and collection are very diverse and complex subjects. It’s easy for a beginner to become overwhelmed with all that there is to learn quickly.

We make it easy for you to learn about the details to pay attention to when examining a vintage watch, how to spot fake watches and redials, and how to take your first steps into the great hobby of collecting and repairing watches.

Through our newsletter, we’ve met a lot of fellow watch lovers and made new friends. We all share the same passion for watches and watchmaking so we’ve learned at least as much from them as they from us.


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