How to Identify a Vintage Omega – Part 1

Omega is a great brand. It doesn’t matter if you prefer new or vintage. It just is. However, if you’re buying a new one from an AD or boutique, the risk of buying a lemon is very low. Yes, you [...]


What Makes the Perfect Dive Watch?

An enormous amount of watches is marketed as dive watches. Sure, they often have a brilliant water resistance rating, as well as a rotating bezel to keep track of the time. However, many of them [...]


What’s the Deal with Tre and Sei Tacche?

If you browse forums, and perhaps also Instagram, you have surely noticed a number of vintage watches described as tre tacche or sei tacche. While Italian nicknames for watches seem to be wildly [...]


All You Need to Know About German Watches

What do we usually associate Germany with? Cars? Beer? While these two are best not combined, I can’t blame you for the association. To some, the word “Germany” brings to mind the agile and [...]


The Curious Case of Display Case Backs

When we look at modern mechanical wristwatches, we can quickly notice that most of them are equipped with a transparent case back. It’s a standard feature regardless of the price range and [...]