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Setting Sail with Elegance: A Review of Avel & Men Watch Straps

Avel & Men is a French company specializing in watch accessories. The company’s current product line includes leather watch rolls and etuis as well as leather and canvas watch straps.

This brother and sister team combines a passion of watches with a passion for the sea and sailing.

So, what are the watch straps like? Throughout this article, we’ll review a sailcloth strap in two colors and one of their leather straps.

Let’s dive right in!

Port Louis SEAQUAL sailcloth

If you’re in the market for a quality sailcloth strap, the Port Louis could be just what you need. It’s particularly nice if you’re into eco-friendly products, as it’s made from recycled materials.

Avel & Men Port Louis Linen White Hamilton Chronograph Tin Tin Album

The weave is excellent, and the microfiber lining feels comfortable on the wrist. Microfiber is soft, durable and absorbent, so it’s perfect for watch straps.

Due to its practical and functional design, this strap is well-suited for tool-type watches. We’ve tested it on a couple of watches, and it has a way of enhancing the watch’s character. The Hamilton chrono is an incredibly versatile piece with a 1960s racing theme, but a sailing-inspired strap suits it perfectly. The linen white color complements the off-white elements of the dial, while the French flag stitch adds a burst of color, tying the whole look together.

Avel & Men Port Louis Linen White Hamilton Chronograph

Meanwhile, the drab-olive – vintage green, as Avel & Men call it – accentuates the character of the Glycine Airman. The strap’s thick sides are well-suited to the Airman’s wide lugs, and the texture and color match the matte dial and crisp white print. The small flag stitch detail near the red-on-white date disk is a thoughtful addition.

Avel & Men Port Louis vintage green Glycine Airman

In summary, this strap is a versatile option for most modern sports and tool watches, and is especially well-suited for vintage military and field-style watches. Just so you know, you can safely swim with the Port Louis line straps, but make sure to rinse them afterward.

Besides vintage green and white, the Port Louis is also available in black, navy, yellow and red. If you prefer a strap with a single solid color, the Lamor Plage is identical, except it doesn’t have the small flag.

Priced at 129 euros, these straps are an investment, but the quality is evident both visually and in feel, making them a worthwhile addition to your collection.

The Saint Briac leather strap

Named after the charming seaside town of Bretagne, the Saint Briac is a robust flat leather strap with a semi-gloss finish that combines simple elegance with a casual style.

Avel & Men Saint Briac Stowa Marine Klassik 40

This strap is particularly suited for watches with “fat lug” designs, but it also complements Rolex/Tudor Oyster cases or vintage watches like the “Fat Lug” Seamasters and similar GADA watches from the past. Both the Hammy chrono and the Airman have pretty much the kind of case that fits this general profile.

Avel & Men Saint Briac Hamilton Chronograph

Despite its thickness and the type of leather used, the Saint Briac strap is surprisingly supple. It requires a bit of breaking in, but it becomes comfortable in a relatively short time. The smooth and comfortable lining definitely helps in the process.

For those who enjoy frequently changing straps, the Saint Briac features convenient quick-release spring bars.

Avel & Men Saint Briac tan Glycine Airman

The Saint Briac is available in three colors – the tan/golden brown shown here, navy blue, and khaki green. There’s also the Lancieux variant, which doesn’t have the small French flag, should that little splash of colour not be your thing.

Available in standard sizes of 18, 19, 20, and 22mm, Avel & Men also offers custom sizing for an additional fee.

All in all

To sum up, Avel & Men’s watch straps offer a combination of skilled craftsmanship, environmental awareness, and a touch of maritime tradition.

Perfect for anyone with a passion for sailing, yachting, or maritime activities in general, working in maritime professions, or for customers who consider environmental factors important.

If you’d like to get one of these distinctive straps, you can check out the full selection and buy them on Avel & Men’s official website.

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