Hands-On Review: Avel & Men Watch Roll – Nautical Style Meets Functionality

If you’ve got several watches, it’s important to consider how you’re going to store them. It’s all about keeping them safe and making sure they stay in good shape. This is especially important if you’re someone who travels frequently.

When you’re on the go, your watches are at a higher risk of getting scratched or damaged. All the moving around during travel can be rough on their delicate parts and shiny surfaces. Having a safe and dependable way to transport your watches is key.

The Avel & Men Watch Roll

The Avel & Men watch roll is a great choice for anyone who loves watches and has a thing for sea-inspired designs. It’s made with pebble-grain leather from Italy, which is not only durable but also gets better looking with age, adding character to the watch roll.

The inside of the watch roll has a fabric lining with a topographic or nautical map theme. This is because Avel & Men likes to incorporate elements from the world of sailing and the sea. The map design adds a bit of an adventurous feel, which might be appealing if you’re into sailing or just love the ocean. It’s a nice touch that makes this watch roll a bit different from others out there.

Unique Features

The cord used to tie the roll is reminiscent of the string found on yachts for securing furled sails. This isn’t just a mere aesthetic choice; it’s a deliberate incorporation of a functional aspect of sailing into the design of the watch roll. The type of string used on yachts is known for its durability and strength, qualities that are essential on the high seas. By using a similar cord, the watch roll not only gains a touch of authenticity but also ensures that the watches inside are securely fastened.

Moreover, the cord is connected to a steel ring, which is another nod to the sailing world. This ring mirrors those found on the tack and clew of sails. The tack is the corner of the sail at the lower forward end, while the clew is the lower aft corner. Rings in these positions are crucial for the sail’s function, as they are points of attachment that bear significant tension and forces. In the context of the watch roll, the steel ring isn’t just a decorative element; it’s a symbol of strength and resilience, embodying the robustness required of sailing equipment.

Color Options

The roll is available in a choice of four colours – “camel” mid-brown, navy blue, red and yellow.

The “camel” mid-brown we reviewed has a warm, earthy tone, much like natural leather. It gives the watch roll a lovely, timeless feel. If you’re into vintage or classic watches, this mid-brown color is a great match. It really brings out the beauty of those traditional styles.

In contrast, Navy blue is a classic and versatile color, closely associated with the nautical theme central to Avel & Men’s brand identity. It radiates sophistication and timeless elegance. This darker, cooler shade is perfect for those who prefer an understated and professional look. Additionally, its practicality, showing less wear and tear, makes it a popular choice for everyday use.

The bold red color option offers a vibrant and eye-catching alternative. This color is for those who appreciate a statement piece and are not afraid to stand out. It’s a bold choice that can add a pop of color to a more neutral setting or complement the energy of a colorful, eclectic style. The red roll itself can be a focal point, showcasing the owner’s confident and adventurous personality.

Lastly, the new yellow color option is a bright and cheerful addition. It’s a lively color that’s sure to catch the eye and add a splash of fun to your watch collection. Yellow is often associated with happiness and optimism, making it a great choice for those who enjoy a bit of playfulness in their accessories.

Wrap It Up

To sum up, the Avel & Men watch roll we reviewed, designed for 3 watches and priced at 199 euros, offers a thoughtful blend of nautical style and practicality. It’s worth noting that Avel & Men also offers versions for just 1 watch and for those with larger collections, up to 6 watches.

Check out their website to see which option suits your needs best.

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