Buren Grand Prix

Service: Buren Grand Prix with Buren 1420 Movement

Buren is (still) one of those underrated brands.

  • Buren was a respectable Swiss brand that used in-house movements.
  • They were 1 of the manufacturers of the “Dirty Dozen“.
  • They invented the micro-rotor.

But somehow, the watches don’t receive much appreciation. Perhaps that will change in the future when people start looking for interesting brands to collect when others have moved out of reach.

This is a Buren Grand Prix with a Buren 1420 movement.

It needed a cleaning and fresh lubrication and the hour hand had lost all the lume, as you can see.


Remove the power from the mainspring and remove the balance and the pallets.

The pallet cock was dripping with oil. Remember to never lubricate the pallets, except for one of the pallet stones.

Remove the cannon pinion on the bottom plate.

Buren Grand Prix
The balance and the pallets removed. The ratchet wheel always has Buren Grand Prix engraved

Remove the crown wheel (reverse-fretted screw!) and the ratchet wheel and lift the barrel bridge.

Buren Grand Prix
The crown wheel, ratchet wheel, and the barrel bridge removed

The wheel-train bridge and especially the bearing jewels were dripping with oil as well. The bearing jewels were actually overflowing.

It’s a wonder that the hairspring coils didn’t stick together yet.

Buren Grand Prix
You can see that the entire wheel-train bridge is sticky with some sort of oil

Remove the wheel-train bridge to gain access to the wheel train.

Buren Grand Prix
The wheel-train bridge removed

Remove the sweep second hand, 3rd wheel, and the escape wheel.

Take out the main barrel.

Remove the center wheel cock and lift the center wheel to completely empty the top plate.

Buren Grand Prix
The top plate completely empty

Flip the movement and remove the motion works.

Disassemble and take out the keyless works.

Clean all the parts in the watch cleaning machine.


Start with the center wheel, the center wheel cock, and the main barrel.

Buren Grand Prix
Center wheel, center wheel cock, and main barrel installed

Install the escape wheel, 3rd wheel, sweep second wheel and fit the wheel-train bridge.

Reinstall the barrel bridge, the crown wheel, and the ratchet wheel.

Buren Grand Prix
The gear train, wheel-train bridge, barrel bridge, ratchet wheel, and crown wheel reassembled. It looks like a different movement with that greasy layer removed

Flip the movement to the bottom plate and install the keyless works and the motion works.

Leave the hour wheel and the washer until just before you refit the dial.

Buren Grand Prix
The bottom plate completely reassembled

Flip the movement back again and replace the pallets and the pallet cock.

Finally, install the balance and clean and lubricate the Incabloc endstones.

Buren Grand Prix
The 1420 purring like a kitty again

I fitted the dial and before I continued, I needed to relume the hands.

The hour hand had lost all the lume but I always relume both hands to prevent 2 different colors.

I wrote an article on how to relume watch hands if you like to know how to do it yourself.

Buren Grand Prix
The Buren Grand Prix completely serviced and with relumed hands

Do you own a Buren Grand Prix or another Buren model? Let me know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Service: Buren Grand Prix with Buren 1420 Movement”

  1. Hello.
    I have watch buren grand pirx
    #384502 .
    I wanna know it’s copy or original ?


  2. Thank you for the detailed articles about the Buren watches. I have a Buren Intramatic dress watch, my favourite. Very simple design, yet a marvelous movement. It works flawlessly.

  3. Bas de Nooijer

    Hello Melvin,

    I have a Buren Grand Prix with on the back number 778601.
    Is there information source where I can find out what type of movement this watch has?

    Kind regards, Bas

  4. Good morning Melvin, I have a Buren watch with 1420 movement with damaged hair spring. Stud and regulator are missing.
    What other hair springs will fit this number?
    I solicit your help from your treasure of vast knowledge and experience.

    1. Hi Chayal, the 1421 and the 1422 should fit as well. Both are 1 ligne larger and the 1422 has a calendar but it looks like the parts other than the base plate are the same.

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