Restoration: Roamer Standard with MST 352 Movement

This Roamer Standard came in a batch of watches out of the UK. It had a lazy amplitude and it didn’t keep time. Also, the set lever spring was broken. Here we go.

The movement is an MST 352, hand winder with 17 jewels. It has a 3-finger bridge and no shock protection. I’d date this Roamer Standard to the 1940s.


Roamer Standard
Dial side of the MST 352. It’s obvious that the set lever spring is broken. After I took the picture I immediately removed the cannon pinion. With the cannon pinion installed, the center wheel can’t be lifted.

I remove any power from the mainspring. Then, I take out the balance and the pallets. This is to prevent the escapement from damage while working on the train wheel.

Roamer Standard
Balance and pallets removed.

I removed the ratchet wheel, the crown wheel with its shim and then the barrel bridge. There is a lot of filthy grime under the ratchet wheel, the crown wheel, and around the click.

Roamer Standard
Just before I removed the barrel bridge.

I removed the train wheel bridge so the train wheel is exposed.

Finally, I lift all the wheels and the main barrel is the final part I take out on that side of the base plate.

Roamer Standard
Completely empty.

After this, I flip the movement and completely clear the dial side of the base plate. I put all the parts in the watch cleaning machine for 6 minutes in each bath.


I start with the main barrel and the train wheel. Then, I fit the train wheel bridge again.

Roamer Standard
Main barrel, train wheel, and train wheel bridge installed.

I continue with the barrel bridge, crown wheel, and ratchet wheel.

Roamer Standard
Barrel bridge, ratchet wheel, and crown wheel installed.

Next, I flip the movement and start assembling the keyless works and the motion works. I install the brand new set lever spring so that switching between winding and setting the time is snappy again.

Roamer Standard
Keyless works and motion work installed. A brand new set lever spring.

Then, I flip the movement again to install the pallets and finally the balance. I fit the hour wheel back and then I reinstall the dial.

Roamer Standard
Movement complete again and ticking.

After that, It’s only a matter of fitting back the hands and re-case it. The movement is like new again and this Roamer Standard certainly looks good for more than 70 years old.

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