Orex dress watch

Restoration: Orex Dress Watch with DUROWE 1032 Movement

This Orex found its way to my bench. It’s a German brand, registered in 1951 in Pforzheim. This watch suddenly stopped running while being worn and it wasn’t accurate.

The movement is a DUROWE 1032. The dial says Duroswing but the movement has a Protax shock protection system. That’s odd and it would suggest that the movement has been swapped at one time.

I’d say this watch is from the late ’50s.


Remove the power from the mainspring by moving the click away from the ratchet wheel while letting the crown slip between your thumb and index finger.

Lift the balance and flip the movement around to remove the hour wheel and the cannon pinion.

Orex Durowe 1032
Balance removed.

Remove the pallets and then continue with the ratchet wheel, crown wheel, and barrel bridge.

Then, lift the wheel train bridge and continue with removing the 4th wheel, 3rd wheel, and the escape wheel.

Lift the main barrel and then disassemble the center wheel cock to be able to take out the center wheel.

Orex Durowe 1032
Top plate completely empty.

Turn the movement around to start on the dial side.

Orex Durowe 1032
The dial side of the movement aka the bottom plate. The set lever spring looks dangerously crooked but that’s normal.

Start by removing the motion works and then continue with the keyless works.

Orex Durowe 1032
All the parts have been removed off the bottom plate.

I pegged the jewel holes and cleaned all parts in the watch cleaning machine.


Fit the center wheel and the center wheel cock. Install the main barrel and continue with the escape wheel, 3rd wheel, and the 4th wheel.

Finally, install the wheel train bridge.

Orex Durowe 1032
The main barrel and the wheel train with the wheel train bridge installed.

Place the barrel bridge in position and install the crown wheel (with its bushing) and the ratchet wheel.

Orex Durowe 1032
The barrel bridge, crown wheel, and ratchet wheel installed.

Flip the movement around and start with the assembly of the keyless works. Then, continue with the motion works.

Orex Durowe 1032
The bottom plate completely reassembled.

Install the pallets and the balance. Regulate the rate as accurate as possible.

Orex Durowe 1032
The movement completely reassembled and ticking again.

The hour hand had lost all of the lume. To avoid a difference in color, I decided to relume both hands.

I also fitted a new crystal.

Orex Durowe 1032

What do you think of the Orex? Do you own a similar watch? Let me know in the comments below.

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    1. According to Mikrolisk, the Orex brand was registered in Pforzheim, Germany in 1951. That would make sense because the Durowe 1032 is a German movement from the late 50s/early 60s. I couldn’t find any link to Romania.

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