This is a guest post by Martin Lee.

Until about three years ago I had little interest in watches – either modern or vintage.

Then one day I managed to break the mineral glass crystal on my cheap Pulsar and decided to browse the web for an affordable replacement.

At the time I  was on a vintage razor collecting spree.

eBay seemed the go-to site for old watches and despite my lack of knowledge at that point I pulled the trigger and won a nice enough Tissot Seastar from the 1960s.

I had heard of the brand and was aware they had a long history. Other than that I hadn`t a clue really.

The watch arrived (from India !) and even my novice eye could detect a less than brilliant re-dial.

The watch had the correct Tissot movement though and worked well enough.

I liked the idea of having a few different watches so I decided I would need to do a bit more research in order to find future buys at a decent price as well as being authentic. Hopefully with a historic pedigree as well.

That is when I discovered the Roamer brand.

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