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8 Best Places To Buy Vintage Watches Online

Do you buy vintage watches online? Where do you buy them? Don’t you think it’s scary to buy used watches on the internet?

These are the questions that I probably get asked most often.

The vintage watch market is very healthy and prices have exploded the last few years.

Sadly, where there’s money, there’s corruption.  People try to take advantage by selling fakes and “Frankenwatches”.

If you’re buying vintage timepieces you should always be on your guard. Everything needs to be as original as possible.

That means that you need to do a lot of research on watches you might consider buying.

Some people might not have the time, the knowledge or the nerves to buy pre-owned watches on eBay or similar.

That’s why you should know some dealers you can trust. Watches that are 100% legit and certified by a team of professionals.

You could probably find the watches they offer for less. But are they authenticated and certified? Are they serviced? Do they offer trusted checkout? Are they backed by a warranty? Exactly…

1) Analog/Shift

Buy Vintage Watches Online

This online shop was founded out of a love for history and design. This is immediately clear if you look at the architectural references and the layout of the website. The detailed background stories of featured pieces add to this vibe.

The (macro) pictures are very classy. They’re also of a very high quality and show every little detail. That displays honesty and immediately creates trust. It’s also a great way to reduce the risk of buyers being disappointed when they receive the watch.

Our mission is not only to preserve the stories and horological treasures of the past, but also to re-inspire the values of the generation that created them.

The collection is mainly chronographs and tool watches but there is an occasional dress watch as well.

Mid 2016, 10:25 Vintage became a part of Analog/Shift.

In 2017, Analog/Shift started collaborating with Watchsteez.

2) Bob’s Watches

Buy Vintage Watches Online

Bob’s Watches only deals with pre-owned Rolex watches.

They’re the first and only online marketplace that uses the exchange concept, the so-called Rolex Exchange. That means total financial transparency. They openly publish what the company paid for a model and what it would cost to buy, the sell value. That creates a bond of trust and integrity.

All watches are serviced and restored to mint condition (without destroying any history in a vintage piece). The timepieces are also authenticated and certified.

This is the leading online destination for pre-owned Rolex watches. These guys know Rolex like no other.

3) Bulang & Sons

Buy Vintage Watches Online
Bulang & Sons

Bulang & Sons is an online boutique. They combine vintage watches with modern craftsmanship.

For me, vintage watches are synonymous with quality, value, and durability and it’s my personal ambition to bring the world of watches, design and lifestyle together – Bernhard Bulang, creative director of Bulang & Sons.

Bernhard Bulang was already active in the vintage watch world on his personal blog (100percentrolex).

This online boutique is a way to combine design, craftsmanship, and timeless classics.

The pictures are of a very high quality, not only technical but also aesthetical. The background in design really shows.

They also offer a service to try and find your grail watch.

4) Chrono24

Buy Vintage Watches Online

Chrono24 is the largest online marketplace for luxury watches in the world. The website has more than 350K visitors every day.

Professional watch dealers and private sellers offer their watches in the marketplace. They enjoy the branding and the exposure that Chrono24 offers.

Buyers enjoy the enormous supply of watches, transparent services, and secure transactions (Trusted Checkout).

Because of the huge selection of watches online, collectors often use Chrono24 to get an idea of the market value of a certain timepiece. Some would argue that prices are rather steep but remember that you can always contact a seller to try and agree on a price.

5) Crown & Caliber

Buy Vintage Watches Online
Crown & Caliber

Crown & Caliber is the #1 consignor for luxury watches. That means that you can have your watch sold by them, for a consignment fee.

That’s when it hit me: Why not create a company that made selling a watch just as easy as buying one? So we did. And the rest is history – Hamilton Powell, founder and CEO of Crown & Caliber

Your watch will sell for the best price possible because they add value. The watch will be authenticated and certified, serviced, and backed by a 1-year warranty.

As a buyer, that means that you have the opportunity to buy vintage watches online for a fraction of retail price.

6) Vintage Watch Classics

Buy Vintage Watches Online
Vintage Watch Classics

VWC is a no-nonsense webshop. It springs from an obsession for vintage and antique timepieces (sounds familiar).

The website is minimalistic with the focus on the watches for sale. It’s a pleasure to hover over the thumbnails to receive more info.

The descriptions are extensive and the pictures are high quality and show every little detail.

All watches have been checked by a master watchmaker and are guaranteed to run well. If you don’t love a watch you can return it for a full refund.


Buy Vintage Watches Online

Derek Dier runs the oldest webshop in the list (online since 1998). He has more than 30 years of vintage watch expertise under his belt. sells and buys watches and it looks like they offer repairs as well.

Derek has supplied watches to the movie and television industry, Fortune 500 CEO’s, elite boutiques, and collectors. He’s very proud to have supplied watches to the leads of Mad Men during seasons 5,6 and 7.

The website may not be the most modern but the collection of watches is excellent.

The website also allows for filtering the collection in price ranges and even by date. That feature is quite unique and it certainly comes in handy.

8) Watchsteez

Buy Vintage Watches Online

Watchsteez is an online shop with its focus on chronographs and tool watches. The website is minimalistic and modern with orange accents.

The pictures of the watches for sale are larger than you might be used to and really draw the eye.

Here at, our main goal is to bring a collection of tasteful, yet affordable vintage watches to the market. You may also see an occasional modern watch thrown into the mix. Sometimes it’s all about style and design – Justin Vrakas, Watchsteez.

You won’t find any ridiculously expensive watches here. The main goal is to offer a selection of honest vintage watches without breaking the bank.

In 2017, Watchsteez started collaborating with Analog/Shift.

Do you have any tips about where to buy vintage watches online? Let me know in the comments below.

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