Roamer dress watch MST 372

Service: Roamer Dress Watch with MST 372 Movement

A stunning Roamer dress watch with an MST 372 movement. The case number is 107 372. The chapter ring on this particular watch is part of the case.

The MST 372 has a direct sweep second, 17 jewels and it has a Super-Shock-Resist (SSR) shock protection. Both the jewel count and the Super-Shock are mentioned on the dial.

From all the MST movements, the 372 had one of the longest production runs, if not the longest. Because it has a Super-Shock-Resist it can be dated between 1945 and 1950.

The amplitude is quite low and the rate is irregular. The movement looks to be slightly overoiled in the past. The lubrication looks dirty and hardened as well. The latest service date inscribed into the case back is from ’74.


Make sure that all the power from the mainspring is gone and lift the balance and the pallets.

Remove the hour wheel and the cannon pinion on the bottom plate of the movement.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
Balance and pallets removed

Take out the train wheel bridge to expose the gear train.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
The train wheel bridge removed. The gear train ( 4th wheel, 3rd wheel and escape wheel) is clearly visible

Take out the 4th wheel, 3rd wheel, and the escape wheel.

Start with the barrel bridge. Begin by lifting the ratchet wheel and the crown wheel. Then lift the barrel bridge itself.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
As you can see, the ratchet wheel (barrel arbour) has been overoiled in the past

With the barrel bar removed, you can lift the center-wheel cock and take out the center wheel. Finally, lift the main barrel and flip the movement to the other side.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
The top plate with all parts removed

Remove the set lever spring and lift the minute wheel. Then, move to the keyless works.

Remove the intermediate wheel, the return bar and its spring, the castle wheel, and the crown wheel.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
Empty bottom plate. As you can see, I removed the 2 endstones as well. 1 is for the balance staff and the other for the escape wheel

Pre-clean all bearing jewels with a pegwood. Don’t forget the pallet stones and the pallets crown.

Clean all parts in the watch cleaning machine.


Begin with the main barrel and the center wheel. Lubricate the barrel arbors and the post of the center wheel with HP1300.

Then, reinstall the center-wheel cock.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
The main barrel, center wheel, and center-wheel cock reinstalled

Normally, you’ll install the wheel train and the wheel train first bridge. However, in this movement, the 3rd and the 4th wheel are located on top of the ratchet wheel.

Therefore, it makes more sense to install the barrel bridge, the crown wheel, and the ratchet wheel first.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
The barrel bridge, crown wheel, and ratchet wheel replaced

Place the escape wheel, 3rd wheel, and 4th wheel into position and reinstall the wheel-train bridge. Lubricate the bearing jewels with 9010.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
The wheel train and wheel-train bridge reinstalled

Flip the movement around and install the motion works (cannon pinion and the minute wheel).

Then, install the stem, castle wheel, and the crown wheel. Replace the yoke and its spring.

Place the intermediate wheel into position and reinstall the set lever spring. Turn the movement around the secure the set lever.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
The bottom plate completely reassembled

Install the pallets (lubricate the exit stone with 9415) and finally, the balance. Watch the movement come alive and enjoy!

With the balance installed, you can remove the endstone from the Super-Shock and clean it in One-Dip or similar. Lubricate with 9010.

Roamer dress watch MST 372
This Roamer dress watch is still in a wonderful condition. Freshly serviced, it can be worn for another decade at least

Do you have a similar Roamer dress watch? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Hi, are the 371 and 372 parts interchangeable? I have a bent pallet fork in a 372 and need to know if it can be replaced from the 371.

  2. Peter Quirk

    I have my father’s mst 372 in rose gold just like this one and want yo have it serviced before i give ut to my son for his 30th birthday.where in Australia csn i get such a watch looked after?

    1. Sorry, but I’m in the Netherlands so I have no idea. You could try to ask around on the Watchuseek forum or perhaps the time+tide website. Good luck

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