Caravelle Bulova 11DP

Service: Caravelle Watch with a Bulova 11DP Movement

This is a regular service of a Caravelle watch.

Caravelle had links with Bulova (Bulova’s less expensive line). The movement is the Bulova 11DP which is a rebranded Citizen 0241 movement.

This movement was available in two versions. One has 7 jewels and the other one has 17 jewels.

When you remove the case back, it’s a bit disappointing to see that it’s the version with 7 jewels but it works. Actually, it works great because, after the service, the amplitude is 270 (which is very good for a citizen), with a beat error of 0.3 m/s and a rate of +4 sec.


Before you start working on a mechanical movement, make sure to remove all the power from the mainspring. This is to prevent any damage while working on the wheel train.

Move the click away from the ratchet wheel while letting the crown slip between your thumb and index finger.

Lift the balance and the pallets.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The balance and pallets removed. Notice the (Citizen) 0241 on the baseplate underneath the balance cock

Turn the movement around and lift the cannon pinion. You can’t remove the center wheel later if the cannon pinion is still installed.

Lift the wheel-train bridge to gain access to the wheel train.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The wheel-train bridge removed

Remove the ratchet wheel and the crown wheel.

Often, the crown wheel screw has a left-hand thread and the screw for the ratchet wheel is a regular one. In this case, they both have a left-hand thread.

Left-handed screws are usually marked with 3 grooves instead of just 1, just like these are. This is a visual warning: don’t try to unscrew it the usual way because you’ll break it.

You’ll need to unscrew the ratchet wheel screw clockwise but the ratchet wheel turns in the same direction. Use a peg wood to stop the ratchet wheel from turning when you’re unscrewing the ratchet wheel screw.

Lift the barrel bridge and remove the sweep-second wheel, 3rd wheel, and the escape wheel.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The ratchet wheel, crown wheel, barrel bridge, sweep second wheel, 3rd wheel, and escape wheel removed

Lift the barrel, the center wheel cock and finally the center wheel.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The barrel, center wheel cock, and the center wheel removed. The top plate is empty

Flip the movement around and start with the bottom plate.

Remove the motion works and the keyless works.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The bottom plate completely empty

Pre-clean the pivot holes and bearing jewels with a peg wood.

Clean all the parts in the watch cleaning machine.


Fit the center wheel and the center wheel cock.

Install the barrel.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The center wheel, center wheel cock, and barrel installed

Place the escape wheel, 3rd wheel, and sweep second wheel in position.

Reinstall the wheel-train bridge.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The escape wheel, 3rd wheel, sweep second wheel, and wheel-train bridge installed

Install the barrel bridge, the crown wheel, and the ratchet wheel.

Remember that both screws have a left-handed thread.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The barrel bridge, crown wheel, and ratchet wheel reinstalled

Turn the movement around and start with the motion works and the keyless works.

Notice that usually, the set lever spring covers the setting wheel and the minute wheel as well.

This particular movement uses a separate cover for the minute wheel and the setting wheel.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The motion works and the keyless works refitted

Flip the movement to the top plate and reinstall the pallets and the balance.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP
The Bulova 11DP (Citizen 0241) completely serviced and running well

Remove the shock protection system to clean and lubricate.

The Bulova 11DP uses Citizen’s Parashock system. This system has a removable springy middle part with the bearing jewel and a top piece with a cap jewel.

You’ll need to rotate the top piece until one of the legs aligns with the notch so you can lift it. Replacing it is the same trick in the reverse order.

Use a peg wood to gently hold the top piece down while you’re rotating it.

Caravelle Bulova 11DP

Do you have a similar Caravelle watch or another watch with the 11DP movement? Let me know in the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Service: Caravelle Watch with a Bulova 11DP Movement”

  1. Frank Kirkstad

    Thank you, great info on the service of the 11dp movement. I’m looking for a donor movement for my dads caravelle watch with a 11dp movement he purchased in the late 1960’s.The crown is missing from the stem, I don’t see any treads on the end of the stem, was the crown screwed on? if so I guess its broken off and I will need to find a donor with a stem and crown. Will it be possible to find a new crystal? I doubt if I can find a donor watch with the same size, its hard to tell the size from on-line pictures.
    Thank you. Frank

    1. Hi, the crown is screwed on. A donor with a crown and stem would be a good idea. However, the crown isn’t signed so any generic one would do. The new crystal is a simple generic one too, so that won’t be a problem.

      1. francis d kirkstad

        Thank you for your expert advice regarding my 11dp watch. I was able to find an 11dp donor movement with a good crown and stem. The donor movement also has a not perfect but good crystal, to replace my broken one. What is the proper way to remove and replace a crystal without damaging it or do I need a special tool?
        Thank you. Frank

  2. Just picked up one from eBay. Didn’t run recoiled it and changed the dial. Relumed the hands and sanded the scratches out of it. Runs awesome now.

  3. I have one of these movements, in a Caravelle pocket watch. It’s a very slim and simple case, made in Japan. The engravings on the movement also bear the word “JAPAN”.
    It stops every now and then, even if kept still on a table. I thought it could be some dirt in the seconds hand but I removed it and it still stops sometimes, so I fear I have to clean and lubricate the balance wheel.

  4. I have one of these watches and it ticks very nicely however it seems that the power reserve is less than 12 hours. Is that normal for this movement or is this in need of an inspection?

  5. I need a replacement stem + crown for this movement. Any idea where I can purchase one?

    1. Hi, the stem seems to be obsolete in all warehouses. Looks like you need to buy a donor movement to use the stem.
      The crowns aren’t signed so any waterproof crown with the correct dimensions will do.

  6. It looks very similar to the Citizen 200 movement as the escape wheel cock, set-lever bridge and the left hand thread on the ratchet wheel are all the same.

    The Citizen watches are also used in HMT (India) handwinds as well.

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