Buren 410

Service: Buren Grand Prix with a Buren 410 Movement

I’ve had this Buren Grand Prix for a while. I think I bought it at an auction once to service and wear it.

It has a Buren 410 movement.

I like the weathered dial and the blued hands are a nice touch as well. Although I don’t often wear it, I decided to service it anyway.

Buren is one of those brands that are still under the radar and undervalued.

I’m sure that will end when people realize that they made quality watches with in-house movements. They mostly created dress watches with the occasional diver and chronograph. They were also one of the 12 manufacturers of the “Dirty Dozen“.

Of course, Buren will always be most famous for the Micro-rotor movement they created.


Remove any power from the mainspring. Let the crown slip between your thumb and index finger while you move the click away from the ratchet wheel.

Remove the balance and the pallets.

Remove the cannon pinion at the other side of the movement. That will make it easier when you’re lifting the wheel train.

Buren 410
The balance and pallets removed

Lift the wheel-train bridge and remove the escape wheel, the 4th wheel and the 3rd wheel.

In this particular movement, the center wheel is covered with the barrel bridge.

Buren 410
The wheel-train bridge, the escape wheel, 4th wheel, and 3rd wheel removed

Remove the ratchet wheel and the crown wheel.

Lift the barrel bridge.

Buren 410
The ratchet wheel, crown wheel, and barrel bridge removed

Lift the center wheel and the main barrel.

Buren 410
The top plate completely empty

Turn the movement around and start with the bottom plate.

Remove the motion works and the keyless works. Don’t forget the balance capstone.

Buren 410
The bottom plate completely empty

Pre-clean all the bearing jewels and the pallets with a peg wood (or a toothpick)

Clean all the parts in the watch cleaning machine.


Start with the main barrel and the wheel train.

Buren 410
The main barrel and the wheel train reinstalled

Refit the wheel-train bridge.

Buren 410
The wheel-train bridge refitted

Fit the barrel bridge and re-install the crown wheel and the ratchet wheel.

Buren 410
The barrel bridge, crown wheel, and ratchet wheel reinstalled

Turn the movement around and begin with the keyless works.

After that, refit the motion works (without the hour wheel and the washer) as well.

Buren 410
The bottom plate completely reassembled

Turn the movement around and fit the pallets and the pallet cock.

Replace the balance and watch the movement come back alive.

Buren 410
The Buren 410 completely serviced

What do you think of this Buren Grand Prix? Do you have a similar one? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Dirk van Niekerk

    Found a buren 410 movement and dissssebled dial and hands in a batch I bought. Assembling it and I find that the train of shekels engage but don’t run freely. Have you encountered this?

    1. Nope, it’s never happened to me. This sounds like a problem with the pinions or jewels. Are the pinions positioned correctly? Have you noticed a broken or cracked jewel?

  2. Hello sir, i would like ask about renew my buren please let me know that you can take this challenge.

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