Restoration: LIP Dauphine with LIP R16 Movement

A French watch on WahaWatches for a change. This LIP Dauphine came in a job lot and when I quickly examined it, it didn’t run at all. The balance and hairspring seemed fine, though. I couldn’t immediately find anything else wrong with it either. So, this will have to be a complete overhaul.

The movement is a LIP R016 or R16. A 10’5 ligne hand winder with 17 jewels, Incabloc, and a mobile stud holder. The frequency is 21.600 vph.


I start with removing the power and lifting the balance. I immediately noticed a kind of shim or spacer under the balance. I’ve never seen anything like it. Its function is either to raise the balance cock somewhat to counter a design flaw or it’s custom made for this movement.

Lip Dauphine
Balance removed and the brass colored shim is clearly visible.

I lift the pallet cock and the pallets and gently try to spin the wheel train. It’s stuck so the problem lies in one (or more) of the wheels. I flip the movement to remove the cannon pinion.

When I start removing the wheel train bridge I notice that one of the screws was not tightened properly. This caused the pivot of the escape wheel to slip out of the bearing jewel and stop the watch from running.

Lip Dauphine
Wheel train bridge removed.

Luckily, the escape wheel pivot isn’t damaged. I lift the wheels and the main barrel. Last, I remove the center wheel bridge and the center wheel.

I flip the movement to the dial side and start with removing the set lever spring. I encounter a similar shim to the one under the balance cock.

Lip Dauphine
The set lever bridge removed and the shim visible.

I continued with the keyless works and the motion works. I put all the parts in the watch cleaning machine for 6 minutes per bath.


I start with the center wheel and the center wheel bridge. Then the main barrel, the other wheels, and the wheel train bridge. Remember to screw it tight because look what happened last time.

Lip Dauphine
Main barrel, wheel train, and wheel train bridge installed.

I then replace the barrel bridge, the ratchet wheel, and the crown wheel. Then I flip the movement to replace the motion works and the keyless works. Remember to replace the shim under the set lever spring first.

Lip Dauphine
Everything is back where it’s supposed to be except for the hour wheel and the spacer shim.

I installed the pallets and the pallet cock and finally the balance. Remember to replace the shim under the balance cock. I clean the Incabloc jewel holes and jewels separately and lubricate them with a tiny bit of Moebius 9010.

This LIP Dauphine is in a wonderful condition and running as it should again.

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