Michał Kolwas

A watch enthusiast from Poland. His favorite brands are Omega, Eterna, and Tissot. He loves sailing and drinking good whisky. Not at the same time.

Doxa D Luftwaffe Front

Doxa Watches of the Luftwaffe

During the Second World War, scores of watch manufacturers produced watches for the German military. Some were recognizable brands, such as Zenith, Longines, Mimo (Girard-Perregaux), Glycine, and Doxa. The German military specification All standard-issue watches had the same core features. The general service watch had to be equipped with a shock protection device, a highly …

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Review: Selhor Diver 05

I always enjoy reviewing a nice watch. Big-time brand, or microbrand, makes no difference. If it’s a vintage-style diver, it’s even more fun. This time, I’m having a good time reviewing the Selhor Diver 05, a great reinterpretation of 1960s-1970s designs by the brand. A bit of history Selhor was a French company, founded in …

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