In the years I’ve been “busy” with watches I often found that the info is scattered. Some information is on a forum there, someone knows something about this etc. Especially for the beginner collector or enthusiast it can be overwhelming and confusing. I created WahaWatches to collect as much knowledge and info as possible in one place and also as a means to share my passion with all of you.


I can’t and I don’t want to write all the articles myself. I’d love to create a vintage watch community where everyone can contribute and where you can learn from each other.

About me

I’ve always had a fascination for vintage watches, listening to the ticking of my grandfather’s watch. After he passed away I inherited his watch and I decided to get it restored. Many watchmakers told me that the watch was not worth the time, effort and money to fix it so I decided to do it more or less myself. Since then I only appreciated them more and started collecting and learning all I could about watchmaking.

Most important

I hope you’ll enjoy the articles as much as I did. If you’d like to (regularly) contribute, please let me know.Don’t forget to stay connected via

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