For watch enthusiasts and collectors, a scratch on your watch crystal can be a life threatening situation. Especially when it’s on the watch you just purchased. A new watch or rather that very vintage watch…it doesn’t matter.

You could bring your watch to a jeweler’s or an independent watchmaker to have the scratch removed. But…it will cost money and you probably have to miss your watch for a while. I know!

Before you take these drastic measures, however, it’s often possible to remove these scratches yourself. This article will show you exactly how to polish a watch crystal at home.

Attention! This will only work on acrylic watch crystals. If you’re dealing with a watch crystal made of glass, Esslinger has a very useful article here. You’ll need machinery and a lot of patience, though. In these cases, it might be wise to cut your losses and fit a new crystal.

Tools you’ll need

  • Painter’s tape or a tool to lift the crystal
  • Sanding paper in different grits
  • A hand dust blower or a can of compressed air
  • A soft cotton or microfiber cloth
  • A polishing agent like Brasso etc.
  • A cleaning agent for the crystal

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