Time for another interview. This time with Blake Drayson, founder, and owner of TickTalk. TickTalk is a blog about collecting watches and mainly from a beginner’s perspective.

How did your love for vintage watches come to be?

My watch collection started with an unexpected birthday present from my fiancé, she wanted to buy me a watch but did not know what I would like. The process of thinking about looking at and eventually purchasing a watch ignited something in me and drove me to start collecting and then writing about the subject.

My watch collecting habits up to this point haven’t been driven specifically by a love of vintage watches. I’m new to collecting and I certainly do appreciate and enjoy vintage watches, but it’s not exclusive. The most recent memorable exposure to a prestigious collection of vintage watches that did have a big impact on me was at the Patek Philippe – Grand Exhibition in London last year. There was, as you would expect, some outstanding vintage pieces, transported from their museum in Switzerland.

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Founder & editor of WahaWatches. I’ve been collecting watches for years. My favourite part is to pull them to bits.