This interview is with George Clarkson. He is a hobbyist watchmaker from Germany and recently started a webshop, Only Vintage Watches. This is a young company where you can find vintage watches for a decent prize and with an honest description. They are collectors themselves and only offer what they would like to add to their collection themselves.

How did your love for vintage watches come to be?

It all began some years ago, removing from a dusty drawer the Seiko 7A34-7010 gold plated watch that belonged to my late father. I had previously tried to put it back to work changing the battery, but apparently, the years of use and probably some unwanted received shock had caused more damage than what could be seen. I then started looking online for a possible solution, or a how-to to restore the watch and I found a forum dedicated just to this brand and series of watches. Who might have known…

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Founder & editor of WahaWatches. I’ve been collecting watches for years. My favourite part is to pull them to bits.