You’ve found an interesting vintage Omega watch. Perhaps on eBay or another auction site or even at a yard sale.

It looks great. The price is right. But how do you know if it’s genuine and not some knockoff?

There’s a lot of info about “how to spot fakes” but it’s not all good so be careful.

A lot of websites are good in ranking high on Google and getting social shares but they’re neither experienced watch collectors nor high-end dealers. So, don’t put too much trust in those fancy infographics.

This is an article about vintage Omega watches in general and the steps to take to authenticate them.

You can spot a fake Omega wristwatch with these 5 steps

  1. Dial and hands
  2. Reference number/case number
  3. Caliber
  4. Serial number
  5. Crown and crystal

I’ve added some final tips at the conclusion.

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