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18 Essential Tools to Start With Watchmaking

You’ve decided to give watchmaking a go.

Maybe because you’re already into watches and you want to add another layer to your hobby. Perhaps you’ve always liked to repair and fix stuff and watches are another challenge.

Either way, you need tools but every time you visit one of the online warehouses you’re overwhelmed with the huge supply of different tools and equipment. What do you need and do you need it right away?

This is a list of tools which are absolutely essential to start with watchmaking. You can always buy more tools when you gain more experience or when you need something specific (and believe me, you will).

I initially included links to Cousins UK because that’s where I buy all my tools and parts. However, I didn’t realize that you need to create an account, otherwise the links don’t work.

I don’t want to force anyone to create an account so I’m linking to Ofrei and Esslinger now.

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Omega Speedmaster 145.012 – The Last Cal. 321

In 1967, the reference 105.012 has been replaced with the 145.012.

Nearly identical to its predecessor, it was in production for two years, from 1967 to 1968.

It was the last Speedmaster to be equipped with the column wheel cal. 321 (Lemania CH27 C12), prior to the introduction of the cal. 861, a cam-switching movement built on the same baseplate.

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Watch Happening – Best of the Blogs – September 2017

Another month has passed by and that means it’s time for a new Watch Happening.

This my personal selection of the best watch related articles from all over the web.

Click on the picture or on the hyperlink to read the articles.

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ST 145.022-68 and -69: The Speedy As We Know It

In 1968, the long-standing workhorse chronograph movement of the SSIH, the Lemania CH27 C12 (Omega 321), was discontinued.

It was replaced with the Lemania 1873, which became the famous Omega 861 “Moon” movement. Sic transit gloria, if I may say so.

Obviously, its later Moonwatch movement fame was somewhat undeserved, as that title goes to the 105.012 and its cal. 321.

It was constructed on pretty much the same baseplate, only the column wheel was replaced with a cam-switching mechanism. Less costly to produce and easier to service. Omega still uses it until this day (as the cal. 1861, with an additional jewel and rhodium finishing).

The introduction of a new chronograph movement meant something of a revolution for the Speedmaster.

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Collectors Corner: a Spotlight on Roamer Watches

This is a guest post by Martin Lee.

Until about three years ago I had little interest in watches – either modern or vintage.

Then one day I managed to break the mineral glass crystal on my cheap Pulsar and decided to browse the web for an affordable replacement.

At the time I  was on a vintage razor collecting spree.

eBay seemed the go-to site for old watches and despite my lack of knowledge at that point I pulled the trigger and won a nice enough Tissot Seastar from the 1960s.

I had heard of the brand and was aware they had a long history. Other than that I hadn`t a clue really.

The watch arrived (from India !) and even my novice eye could detect a less than brilliant re-dial.

The watch had the correct Tissot movement though and worked well enough.

I liked the idea of having a few different watches so I decided I would need to do a bit more research in order to find future buys at a decent price as well as being authentic. Hopefully with a historic pedigree as well.

That is when I discovered the Roamer brand.

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