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Service: Longines Advocate 9LT (25.17ABC)

This is a wonderful Longines Advocate watch. It’s in a very good condition apart from a scratch on the dial. It looks like somebody slipped while trying to lift the hands. It’s a real shame but it happens, though I wouldn’t want it to happen with any of my watches. Or even worse, on a watch I’m working on that isn’t mine.

The serial number dates this watch to 1953. If you’d like to date your own Longines, you can try this Longines Year Identifier.

The movement is the Longines 9LT. It’s a movement with an indirect subsecond. I’ll come back to what that means later. This particular one is a 25.17ABC with a monometallic balance. There’s not much to find about this movement, except for the standard info.

This Longines Art Deco needed a service. The power reserve was way down from what it used to be and it sometimes suddenly stopped.

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Service: Roamer Dress Watch MST 372

A stunning Roamer dress watch with an MST 372 movement. The case number is 107 372. The chapter ring on this particular watch is part of the case.

The MST 372 has a direct sweep second, 17 jewels and it has a Super-Shock-Resist (SSR) shock protection. Both the jewel count and the Super-Shock are mentioned on the dial.

From all the MST movements, the 372 had one of the longest production runs, if not the longest. Because it has a Super-Shock-Resist it can be dated between 1945 and 1950.

The amplitude is quite low and the rate is irregular. The movement looks to be slightly overoiled in the past. The lubrication looks dirty and hardened as well. The latest service date inscribed into the case back is from ’74.

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Service: Moritz Ancre with Lorsa 238A

This is a very special watch to me. It’s my late grandfather’s watch and it’s the watch that started my love for vintage watches. A Moritz Ancre with a Lorsa 238A movement. It doesn’t have a French shock protection system as usual. Instead, it has an Incabloc.

It was his daily beater and since he was a roadworker it took a lot of beatings. After I inherited the watch, I wanted to have it restored to its former glory to wear it. Many watchmakers advised against it since the costs would far exceed the value. That really got me into watchmaking and restoring timepieces.

I started to restore it myself and later I found a watchmaker who was happy to service the movement for me. He did a great job and I’ve been wearing it with pleasure for years.

It’s due for a regular service, so here we go.

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Why Servicing Your Own Watches Is Awesome

As a watch collector, you should learn how to service your own watches.

I don’t want to proclaim that everyone can easily learn how to do so. I don’t want to proclaim that we don’t need professional watchmakers. Don’t fetch the toolbox to immediately start tinkering with your vintage Rolex.

I’m talking about servicing a nice manual wound mechanical watch that you bought at a flea market. Or maybe you won a nice lot of mechanical watches on eBay that you like to restore. When you’re more experienced, you could also maintain your own collection.

There are several reasons why I think that you should learn how to service a watch.

  1. It adds an extra dimension to the hobby. You’ll appreciate your timepieces more, especially the mechanical part.
  2. Being able to wear a watch that you’ve serviced or restored yourself is extremely satisfying.
  3. You’d be able to save money if you could perform basic services or minor repairs yourself.
  4. You’ll appreciate watchmakers, and the work they do, more.

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Restoration: Orex dress watch Durowe 1032

This Orex found its way to my bench. It’s a German brand, registered in 1951 in Pforzheim. This watch suddenly stopped running while being worn and it wasn’t accurate.

The movement is a Durowe 1032. The dial says Duroswing but the movement has a Protax shock protection system. That’s odd and it would suggest that the movement has been swapped at one time.

I’d say this watch is from the late 50’s.

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