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Service: Omega Seamaster Cosmic with 601 Movement

This Omega Seamaster Cosmic was a tough call.

The dial, hands, and the front of the case are in good condition but the back looks like it was used as a block plane.

During the inspection, it was immediately clear that it needed a service because the movement was very dirty. I also noticed that the sweep second pinion friction spring needed to be replaced because it was badly distorted. The crystal also needed to be replaced.

Based on the condition, the initial verdict was that this watch wasn’t worth the time and money. The owner would sell it as is.

However, it pains me to see a non-runner. Especially when it’s a watch like an Omega that would be a good runner with some love and one tiny new part. I decided to ask around for a used spring in good condition.

Luckily, I was able to find one so here we go.

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Service: Buren Grand Prix with Buren 1420 Movement

Another Buren Grand Prix on the workbench. I’ve had two close encounters with a Buren Grand Prix before. One of them even had the same movement, the Buren 1420.

This one is from the 1960s and in great condition. The case looks like new and it has the original signed crown. That’s the first time I’ve seen a signed crown on a Buren other than a micro-rotor one (Super Slender).

Sadly, it regularly stopped without an apparent reason and it didn’t keep accurate time. The amplitude was also much too low.

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Omega Speedmasters of the Eighties

This article is about the Speedmaster Professional watches of the 1980s, a difficult period for Omega.

With the introduction of the Mark II in 1969, the Speedmaster collection went far beyond the watch we all think of when someone says “Speedmaster.”

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Current Trends in the Vintage Watch Market 2018

The vintage watch market is very healthy. Prices for vintage watches have gone up (a lot) in general but it’s impossible to talk about every available watch.

Instead, I’ve selected the brands, models, and genres that have seen the largest jumps in price and I’ll also discuss what I believe the near future will bring, including some tips for watches that still have the potential for growth.

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What Is a GMT Watch and How Do You Use It?

As far as watch complications go, a lot of them are reminders of earlier times. They were seen as novelties at the time but they’ve since become obsolete. Some of them are even completely pointless (I’m looking at you, moon phase).

Watchmakers still use them because they’ve become part of the design.

The GMT complication, however, is still very useful to display two separate time zones at once.

Not only does this come in handy for people who travel a lot, it also looks badass.

So, what is a GMT watch and how do you use it?

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