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8 Awesome Places To Safely Buy Vintage Watches Online

Do you buy vintage watches online? Where do you buy them? Don’t you think it’s scary to buy used watches on the internet?

These are the questions that I probably get asked most often.

The vintage watch market is very healthy and prices have exploded the last few years. Sadly, where there’s money, there’s corruption.  People try to take advantage by selling fakes and “Frankenwatches”. If you’re buying vintage timepieces you should always be on your guard. Everything needs to be as original as possible. That means that you need to do a lot of research on watches you might consider buying.

Some people might not have the time, the knowledge or the nerves to buy pre-owned watches on Ebay or similar.

That’s why you should know some dealers that you can trust. Watches that are 100% legit and certified by a team of professionals.

It’s likely that you could find the watches they offer for less money. But are they authenticated and certified? Are they serviced? Do they offer trusted checkout? Are they backed by a warranty? Exactly…

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Interview with Mesut Özturk

This is the 6th interview on WahaWatches. This time the interview is with Mesut Özturk. Mesut is an econometrics student and has been collecting vintage watches for 7 years. He’s very active on different auction sites and he’s also a regular on the Dutch watch forum.

How did your love for vintage watches come to be?

It all started when I was 15 years old and a classmate was wearing a vintage Breitling chronograph. It was a unique one because that Breitling belonged to the trainer of Real Madrid in 1952. It was probably given by the club with their logo on the dial. That jumpstarted my interest in vintage watches. It’s always great to find out a watches history.

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Restoration: Omega 2416 with cal. 28SC

This Omega 2416 came in a batch of watches to look at. It didn’t run, it was dirty and the crystal was in a terrible shape.

The movement is an Omega 28SC. It has an indirect sweep second. The concept wasn’t that successful as it had a few problems. The second hand would often stutter as it’s not in the direct flow of power from the gear train. Also, it adds an extra layer to the movement, resulting in a thicker movement. This movement still lasted for 6 years, though. After the movement was relisted as the 370 they probably used it for another few years.

It’s possible to look up the serial number on the charts available on the internet. The charts tell you that this particular serial number is from 1943. However, several sources state that the 28SC is in production since 1944. It must be one of the very first ones then.

For more info, here is an article about how to date your watch and this is an article on how to authenticate an Omega.

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How To Relume Watch Hands: A Few Tips

The majority of the vintage watch collectors like their watches as original as possible. I’m one of those people. But sometimes I like to make an exception. For example, when someone else tried to relume the hands already and failed (miserably). Or when there is almost no original lume left. Read about one of those exceptions here.

In those cases, I do like to relume the watch hands. That’s a personal preference, though. Of course, I always discuss the possibilities with the owner if the watch isn’t mine.

This article is for those who agree with me that sometimes reluming is the lesser of two evils.

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Restoration: Longines Dress Watch

This Longines dress watch came in for me to take a look at. It has a Longines 280 movement.

The serial number dates this watch to 1961. Click here for more information about how to date a watch.

Longines dress watch

The crystal is very scratched. The crown is worn and crooked and the stem is bent. Two of the lugs are bent as well

The watch did run but it didn’t keep time and it kept stopping. The lugs (2 of them) were bent. The winding stem was bent and the crown and the crystal were in a bad shape.

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