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All You Need to Know About Water Resistant Watches

You’re traveling to Greece to relax and spend a lot of time in the swimming pool. Of course, you need to bring a watch (or several) with you. The swimming pool is 3 meters deep so a watch that is water resistant up to 30 meters should be ok. Right?

While you’re on the beach in Ibiza, you see people having fun jet-skiing and you want to hop on a jet-ski as well. The watch you’re wearing has a water resistance of 100 meters and you’ll never get that deep on a jet-ski so it should be fine. Right?

Both wrong.

In this article, I’ll explain what the different water resistance ratings mean for your watch and what you can safely do with it.

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Omega Speedmaster 105.012 – The Real Moonwatch

The current Speedmaster Professional, the descendant of the ref. 145.022, produced with minor changes from 1968 until this day, is often called the “Moonwatch.”

That is rather interesting because the 145.022 wasn’t the watch first worn on the Moon. This title goes to the ref. 105.012.

What is it?

The ref. 105.012 was the first of the “Professional” models.

It features the asymmetric case with a crown and pusher guard, flowing seamlessly into the lugs- sort of a thicker right flank of the case.

It was powered by the same movement as all other “pre-Moons”- the cal. 321. Its introduction coincided with that of the ref. 105.003.

Both were in production since 1963. Therefore, it’s hard to speak of the 105.012 as a successor to the 105.003. It was just a slightly more modern, more avant-garde take on the very same thing.

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Omega Speedmaster ST 105.003 – The Last of its Kind

After the ref. 105.002, the “oddball”, had been discontinued, Omega introduced its successor in 1963the Speedmaster ST 105.003.

Nicknamed “Ed White” after its famous wearer, the NASA astronaut Edward Higgins White (who during the Gemini 4 mission became the first NASA astronaut to take a spacewalk).

It was the last of the “straight lug” Speedmasters, and the last without the “Professional” inscription on the dial.

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Omega Speedmaster ST 105.002 – An Oddball Speedy

When you think of the evolution of the Speedmaster from the first 2915 to the 145.022, it’s easy to overlook one reference – the 105.002.

That slight mistake comes from the fact, that the 105.002 is quite difficult to find because Omega only produced a small quantity of them. But we’ll get to that later.

Also, it’s worth remembering, that any insight into the reference can’t take place without putting it up against the ref. 2998, which you can easily confuse with a 105.002 and for a good reason.

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Top 10 ”Bang for the Buck” Watches (and Brands)

Let’s face it, the vintage watch market is flooded by overhyped and overpriced watches, but what about the ones that offer a lot of watch for fairly little money?

Let’s have a look at some of them.

If your reaction is like “Whaat? Speedmaster below Wostok?”, you need not worry. This list is not a ranking. Just a list of suggestions.

There’s something for everyone on it.

  1. Bulova and Elgin
  2. Poljot De Luxe
  3. Wostok Amfibia
  4. Roamer and Medana
  5. Avia
  6. Rotary
  7. Omega Speedmaster Mark II
  8. Anything with a Landeron 48 (or a derivative of it)
  9. Anything Seiko
  10. 1940s-1950s Eterna hand-winders

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