How to Identify a Vintage Omega – Part 1

Omega is a great brand. It doesn’t matter if you prefer new or vintage. It just is. However, if you’re buying a new one from an AD or boutique, the risk of buying a lemon is very low. Yes, you [...]


Do You Need to Replace the Mainspring with Every Service?

When you’re servicing a watch, you have two choices. Clean and reuse the old mainspring or fit a new one. Both options have their pros and cons. Pros You don’t need tools like mainspring [...]


Tachymeter: What Is It and How Do You Use It

No doubt you’ve seen a tachymeter scale on a watch. Probably on a chronograph. You can also find it on some time-only watches, but without the chronograph complication, it’s completely [...]


Review: Nezumi Baleine Brushed Edition

Specs Case Stainless steel Diameter without the crown 40mm Lug to lug 47mm Thickness 14.7mm including the domed crystal Movement Seiko NH35 automatic Lume Tinted Super Luminova on dial, hands, [...]


How to Safely Remove the Cannon Pinion

What is the cannon pinion? The cannon pinion connects the wheel train to the motion works. It’s also the post on which the minute hand is set on. If the cannon pinion is too tight, setting [...]


What Makes the Perfect Dive Watch?

An enormous amount of watches is marketed as dive watches. Sure, they often have a brilliant water resistance rating, as well as a rotating bezel to keep track of the time. However, many of them [...]


Service: Hamilton with Hamilton 60 / ETA 2390 Movement

This Hamilton did run, but it didn’t keep time, the amplitude was very low, and it had a power reserve of only a few hours. If you wound it, you could feel and hear the mainspring slipping, [...]


What’s the Deal with Tre and Sei Tacche?

If you browse forums, and perhaps also Instagram, you have surely noticed a number of vintage watches described as tre tacche or sei tacche. While Italian nicknames for watches seem to be wildly [...]


FAQ: Can I Safely Wear a Watch Found in a Drawer?

You’re cleaning up and going through drawers, and suddenly you find a watch. It might have been from a loved one who’s passed away. Sometimes, nobody has a clue whose watch it was and [...]


FAQ: Why Are There Scratches on My Sapphire Crystal?

So, you’ve bought a watch with a sapphire crystal. You’ve knocked it accidentally against a wall, a door frame, whatever. And, it’s scratched. But how could this have happened?! It’s sapphire; [...]