How to Choose the Right Mainspring

During a service, there are two options for the mainspring. You can either reuse the old one (after you’ve cleaned and lubricated it) or you can replace it with a new one. So, a mainspring [...]


The Curious Case of Display Case Backs

When we look at modern mechanical wristwatches, we can easily notice that most of them are equipped with a transparent case back. It’s a common feature regardless of the price range and country [...]


Service: Omega Dress Watch with 625 Movement

This time an Omega dress watch on the bench. It’s powered by the Omega 625 movement. It was presented to a Mr. Ray H. Cline by the Edison Institute to commemorate his 35 years of service. [...]


FAQ: What Determines the Condition of a Watch?

One of the most asked questions on watch forums is: “what do you guys think about this watch?” Generally, watch geeks have so much fun evaluating watches that it doesn’t even need to be asked. [...]


Service: Nelka With AS 984 Movement

This is another one of those obscure watches from the 40s. According to Mikrolisk, Nelka is a Swiss brand from Biel but I’d never heard of it. The movement is the AS 984. It did run but it [...]


Watch Talk: What’s the Rate of a Watch?

When it comes to watches, the rate is a very important if not the most important statistic. A watch might be very rare or beautiful but if it doesn’t keep accurate time, it’s [...]


All You Need to Know About French Watches

People associate France with many things pleasant. The cuisine and the wines for example. Honestly, I do as well. I love a good dry red or rose from Touraine or the banks of the Rhone. Same goes [...]


Service: 1940s Roamer with an MST 372 Movement

This is already the third MST 372 movement on WahaWatches. That’s not surprising because I’ve serviced and repaired many Roamer watches and the 372 was a very successful movement that [...]


Trends in the Vintage Watch Market 2018 – Dress Watches

After my latest article about the 2018 watch trends in the vintage watch market, I decided to go a bit more in-depth on the different styles of vintage watches. Today we’re talking dress watches!


How to Date a Watch in 16 Steps

One of the most common questions that vintage watch collectors ask is: when was my watch made? Sometimes this question can be answered immediately and sometimes it takes a bit more work. In this [...]