FAQ: Why Are There Scratches on My Sapphire Crystal?

So, you’ve bought a watch with a sapphire crystal. You’ve knocked it accidentally against a wall, a door frame, whatever. And, it’s scratched. But how could this have happened?! It’s sapphire; [...]


What Watch to Wear to a Job Interview

On the internet, you can read a lot of threads like “There’s this and that occasion, which watch should I wear?” Some might think that’s a horrible case of not being able to make a simple [...]


Service: Cauny Dress Watch with AS 1950/1951 Movement

I got this watch in a batch from a collector to take a look at. Sadly, two of the four watches were too far gone but this is one of the two watches that could be saved. It’s a Cauny dress [...]


Review: Dan Henry 1970

This is our first review here at Waha. I decided to write one because of a very special occasion. I bought a Dan Henry 1970! I’m a vintage watch kind of guy, so this is the first modern watch [...]


FAQ: What Is Anti-Reflective Coating?

In the technical specifications of modern watches, we often see the term “anti-reflective coating” or “AR coating”. Have you ever wondered what it is? In this article of the series, [...]


Service: LIP with DUROWE 7425 Movement

Another French watch on the workbench. This time it’s a LIP from the 1970s. The funny thing is that it doesn’t have an in-house movement. It’s not even French. It’s a [...]


Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true and may your grail watch land on your wrist. Last year, we completely redesigned the website to be able to communicate better who we are and what we [...]


FAQ: What’s the Difference Between an Automatic and Mechanical Watch?

This is another article in the series in which we answer the questions that frequently come up in search engines or watch forums. This time, it’s a widespread one. People say automatic watch when [...]


Service: Longines Dress Watch with Longines 12.68Z Movement

This Longines is part of my collection. It’s a 1956 watch, but it’s still in excellent condition with a little patina on the dial. The movement is the Longines 12.68Z with serial [...]


FAQ: Watch Dimensions, and What Do They Mean?

People are often concerned about the size of a watch and rightfully so. Not every watch will fit well. In case of vintage watches, specific sizes are more desirable than others. Still, often the [...]