Alpina watches have been around since 1883. They have always tried to be innovative in the world of horology. The brand suffered enormously, like so many other brands during the quartz crisis in the 70s. However, unlike many other brands, Alpina survived and lately has even made a comeback. Despite the rich history and the recent comeback, the brand isn’t well known or appreciated. Let’s change that.

Short history in case you never heard of them

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In 1883 a group of watchmakers joined because they believed that strength was in unity and number. They registered a trademark on several watch cases and movements in 1896. Because of their success, some well-known companies like Hamilton and Gruen joined this Union Horlogère. Alpina became the signature brand of the Union in 1911.

tied to Rolex

As mentioned, Alpina was partners with Gruen, who was a partner of Aegler. Aegler had a partnership with Rolex. That’s how it’s possible that in the Alpina-Gruen “Tecno” the same movement ticks as in the Rolex “Prince” (1932)

vintage Alpina Tecno

Alpina Gruen “Tecno”

Alpina 4

In 1938 Alpina revolutionized the sports watch. Every one had to meet the following criteria

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Alpina continued to focus on sporty watches with clean lines and design. Self-winding watches joined the ranks in the 50s.

Alpina watches

Alpina bumper automatic. Late 50s

Alpina watches

All stainless with original signed crown

Alpina watches

Inhouse 584 bumper automatic

Alpina watches

  • Solid stainless
  • In-house movements
  • Clean design
  • Still under the radar

What do you think of Alpina? Are there any other brands you think are undervalued? Please let me know in the comments below.


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