Service: Eterna Dress Watch with In-house 520U Movement

This week an Eterna dress watch that’s part of a batch from Poland. The movement is the Eterna 520U with 15 jewels and a hidden ratchet wheel and crown wheel. It’s Eterna’s [...]


All You Need to Know About German Watches

What do we usually associate Germany with? Cars? Beer? While these two are best not combined, I can’t blame you for the association. To some, the word “Germany” brings to mind the agile and [...]


Service: Eterna Dress Watch with In-house 905 Movement

This is an Eterna dress watch that found its way onto my workbench. The serial number is 2892981 which places this watch in 1941. The movement is the Eterna 905 movement. Bestfit tells me that [...]


How to Choose the Right Mainspring

During a service, there are two options for the mainspring. You can either reuse the old one (after you’ve cleaned and lubricated it) or replace it with a new one. So, a mainspring doesn’t have [...]


The Curious Case of Display Case Backs

When we look at modern mechanical wristwatches, we can quickly notice that most of them are equipped with a transparent case back. It’s a standard feature regardless of the price range and [...]