All You Need to Know About French Watches

People associate France with many things pleasant. The cuisine and the wines for example. Honestly, I do as well. I love a good dry red or rose from Touraine or the banks of the Rhone. Same goes [...]


Service: 1940s Roamer with MST 372 Movement

This is the third Roamer with an MST 372 movement on WahaWatches. That’s not surprising because I’ve serviced and repaired many Roamer watches and the 372 was a very successful [...]


Trends in the Vintage Watch Market 2018 – Dress Watches

This is a guest post by Matthias de Pauw. After my latest article about the 2018 watch trends in the vintage watch market, I decided to go a bit more in-depth on the different styles of vintage [...]


How to Date a Watch in 16 Steps

One of the most common questions that vintage watch collectors ask is: when was my watch made? Sometimes this question can be answered immediately and sometimes it takes a bit more work. In this [...]