FAQ: What is the Best Omega Speedmaster?

In this new series, we take on various watch-related questions, which have been googled by a large number of people. Regardless of whether the question is good, ordinary, or just plain silly, [...]


The Eterna KonTiki – A True Tool Watch

Is 1947, Thor Heyerdahl and five crew members set out on a journey from South America to Polynesia on a wooden raft. They set out to prove the possibility of contact between the civilizations of [...]


Service: Omega Seamaster Cosmic with 601 Movement

This Omega Seamaster Cosmic with a 601 movement was a tough call. The dial, hands, and the front of the case are in good condition, but the back looks like it was used as a block plane. During [...]


Service: 1960s Buren Grand Prix with Buren 1420 Movement

Another Buren Grand Prix on the workbench. I’ve had two close encounters with a Buren Grand Prix before. One of them even had the same movement, the Buren 1420. This one is from the 1960s [...]


Omega Speedmasters of the Eighties

This article is about the Speedmaster Professional watches of the 1980s, a difficult period for Omega. With the introduction of the Mark II in 1969, the Speedmaster collection went far beyond the [...]