Trends in the Vintage Watch Market – 2018

This is a guest post by Matthias de Pauw. The vintage watch market is very healthy. Prices for vintage watches have gone up (a lot) in general but it’s impossible to talk about every [...]


What Is a GMT Watch and How Do You Use It?

As far as watch complications go, a lot of them are reminders of earlier times. They were seen as novelties at the time, but they’ve since become obsolete. Some of them are even entirely [...]


Service: Cortebert Dress Watch with Unitas 6325 Movement

Cortebert is probably best known for its railroad watches. They supplied both the Turkish as the Italian railways, though they used the Perseo brand name for the Italian railroads. T.C.D. [...]


Omega Speedmaster CK 2915 – The First Speedy

In 1957, Omega released a “trinity” of what was intended as daily beater tool watches and back then, that’s exactly what it was. The Seamaster 300, reference CK 2913, was intended for divers. The [...]