Service: DuBois 1785 Watch with FEF 190 Movement

This time, a service of a lovely DuBois 1785 watch. The case is chrome-plated but still in good condition with a diameter of 33 mm without the crown. Lovely two-tone dial with Roman numerals and [...]


Interview with Paul Altieri from Bob’s Watches

This is an interview with Paul Altieri. Paul is the founder and owner of Bob’s Watches, the world’s first and only pre-owned online marketplace for used Rolex watches. He’s one [...]

Watch Talk: What’s the Beat Error of a Watch?

The beat error is a hot item on many watch-related forums. If you look it up, you might find something like: “beat error is an asymmetrical oscillation of the balance wheel.” In this [...]


Watch Talk: What’s the Amplitude of a Watch?

You’ve probably heard or read about the amplitude of a watch. Perhaps you read it on one of the forums, or you listened to your watchmaker talk about it. In this article, I’ll explain [...]