How to Set the Time and Date on a Watch

Once you’ve wound your watch you need to set the time and possibly the date. You don’t have to be a genius but there are some things that you need to keep in mind, especially when [...]


How to Wind a Mechanical Watch

Your mechanical watch only runs when the mainspring is wound. Normally, a hand-wound watch has a 40 to 48-hour power reserve. That means that your manual winding watch relies on you to regularly [...]


How to Remove a Broken Screw With Alum

Have you ever had a watch movement with a broken screw? Or an original signed crown (case parts are often harder to find than movement parts) with a piece of a broken winding stem inside? Sure, [...]


Gents’ Watch Sizes (Why Size is Irrelevant)

Whenever I’m checking the forums, I constantly encounter posts implying that the size of a watch determines it as a ladies’ or gents’ watch. Or, for that matter, that a 36 or 38mm watch will be [...]