Collectors Corner: a Spotlight on Roamer Watches

This is a guest post by Martin Lee. Until about three years ago, I’d little interest in watches – either modern or vintage. Then one day, I managed to break the mineral glass crystal [...]


All You Need to Know About Waterproof Watches

You’re traveling to Greece to relax and spend a lot of time in the swimming pool. Of course, you need to bring a watch (or several) with you. The swimming pool is 3 meters deep so a watch [...]


Omega Speedmaster 105.012 – The Real Moonwatch

The current Speedmaster Professional, the descendant of the ref. 145.022, produced with minor changes from 1968 until this day, is often called the “Moonwatch.” That is rather interesting because [...]


Service: Tissot Antimagnetique Jumbo Cal. 27

This is a nice early Tissot Antimagnetique jumbo. The diameter is 38 mm without the crown. Early Tissot watches, including the Antimagnetique, came with all kinds of evolutions of the Tissot 27, [...]